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TL First Gov supports increase in the quality of governance; particularly for service delivery varies dramatically across different cities in Sub-Saharan Africa. In effect, the quality of governance and the effectiveness and responsiveness with which governments perform their service delivery responsibilities has a major impact on a state, state or province economic growth potential. Our agenda is to support governments at the national and sub-national levels to increase service delivery outcomes.
In particular, we focus on the extent to which service delivery outcomes are driven by institutional dimensions and intergovernmental relations.

Within this focus area, we seek to support governments with knowledge to increase

Effectiveness of functional assignments made in Health, Solid Waste Management, Transportation and urban development
The dynamism of local government leadership at the State/Province and Local government area/Municipal levels of government and
The strength of local participation and accountability mechanisms in service delivery management and outcomes.
Other areas of Engagement Include
Research on the political economy of service provision;
Research on dynamics of the informal sector and access to employment ; addressing non-market barriers to access to employment, education, power and health;

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For over two decades, TL First has provided technical, and programs support for governments across Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, public agencies and multinational organisation. The governance program, TLFirst Gov is focused on designing and implementing solutions that improve governance and support public sector innovations in growing economies.

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