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Women and Youth Empowerment

If the issue of reinforcing female and youth leadership in the speeches demonstrates evidence and acknowledges a consensus, it is not the same as mechanisms put in place to consolidate this leadership. Until now, the positive discrimination in favour of these two categories, has been an important integration and development tool of political leadership, enabling them better participation in decision making, and that without experiencing, would that not be in Tunisia where a law blocking violence against women has just been passed, thanks to strong female lobbying in the Assembly of representatives of the People. Nevertheless, if this mechanism is experiencing an unprecedented development in favour of women, it is not as pronounced for young people, who remain, at the least we can say, marginalised, with rather low representation rates, surely as a result of a lack of organisation due to the very characteristics of this population.

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Youth and Women Empowerment

Empowering women and youth plays a crucial role in the development of the society. A largely ignored yet hugely important section of this society, SETU intends to focus on how they can be empowered, so as to lead the lives of their choice. An empowered woman, reduces the gender disparity and leads to equality of men and women in the society. SETU believes that motivation can help an individual and empower them and help them in taking charge of their lives.

Start Date : September 10, 2020

End Date : September 18, 2020

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