Effective Personnel Audit, HR Architecture and Efficiency Framework (Abuja)

(Extracts from an Executive Roundtable for Directors and Heads of Human Resources held in Abuja (March, 2017)

The evolving nature of today’s business scenery means that human resources issues are growing in complexity, placing added pressure on Human Resources professionals to mitigate against the effect of the current global recession.

To this effect, TL First Leadership Academy powered an Executive Roundtable, Networking and Peer Review for Directors and Heads of Human Resources in Abuja, Nigeria. The Executive Roundtable focused on addressing HR issues organisations face and the necessary steps needed to retain the workforce. This could be through increased emphasis on training and engagement programs or by investing in areas that will optimize expenditure, such as integrated technology systems or improved candidate attraction schemes. The signs are that HR departments are preparing to maximize their resources and staff as organizations look to grow."

Having organized similar forums in the past in areas of Visioning, Transformational Leadership, Market Leadership, Market Growth Replication, Cost Leadership, Financial Strategy/Innovation, Performance Management, Change Management, Organisational and People Transformation, the Leadership Academy was well positioned to provide the ideal platform for the Roundtable.

The lead facilitator, Dr. Olu Olasode, also Group Managing Director, TL First Group, posited that all businesses survive or thrive based on the capabilities of their personnel. While focusing on getting the best out of people, Dr. Olasode pointed that people in an organisation are not only the most expensive resource, but also its most volatile and their talents must be explored for the purpose of innovation, a much needed approach to business in challenging times.

According to Dr. Olasode, people driven values are; (using case studies)

People before structure (FEDEX)
Transparency , communication and openness (Twitter)
Recruitment, Mentoring and Development(BCG)
Compensation and career advancement (Eileen Richen)
Hard work, Good life (LinkedIn)
Culture and innovation (Google)
Professionalism and Discipline (Cadbury)
Leadership and Effective Management (Nissan)

Download Dr Olasode's Presentation here
Facilitator, Dr. Newman Ordia addressed Performance Management Review.

He noted that in spite of the difficulties, performance management is an essential tool for high performing organizations, and it is one of a Manager’s most important, if not the most important responsibility. The Efficiency framework, according to Dr. Ordia, is a tool developed by managers to determine cost (efficiency), how to determine workers’ performance (effectiveness) and how to compare cost to performance.

He further stated that data gathered in an Efficiency/Effectiveness framework can be used to guide policy and allocation of resources to the various departments, sections and units in an organization. The approaches and structures that produce the greatest improvements for the least cost should be given priority. Talent management, a set of integrated organizational HR processes, is designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain productive, engaged employees.

Download Dr Newman's Presentation here
These sessions ran for 2hours while delegates were provided platforms to interact, network and share knowledge

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