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Population Growth and Smart Cities

Population growth around the world is projected to increase dramatically in coming decades. This expansion will largely be witnessed in rising middle-income and developing nations. Estimated population increase in Africa and Asia is expected to reach 1 803.3 Billion and 5 222.1 Billion by 2050[1], respectively. These two regions shall account for the surge in world’s population to 9.22 Billion by 2075. Locales of population growth in these regions are in cities, which is a by-product of rapid urbanisation across the developing world. This is further evidenced by an expanding middle-class, major challenges in public service delivery as well as massive pressures on infrastructure.
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Access to Housing and Lagos Tenancy Laws

Lagos as Nigeria’s megacity faces a major challenge in providing access to affordable housing for its teeming population. A sprawling city extending into the frontiers of neighboring, this human mass resident within the city depends on private rental housing. Limited supply of rental housing has led to arbitrary increase in rents, intimidation of tenants and actions inimical to the wellbeing of tenants. There is certainly a “rental housing deficit” in Lagos, which is what the Lagos Tenancy Law seeks to address. The policy which seeks to address the paucity of rental housing by breaking absolute monopoly enjoyed by house owners, might...
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