Olu-Segun Olasode PhD FCCA

Dr. Olu Olasode is an international Chartered Accountant, Economist, Turnaround Expert, International Development Adviser, and Transformational Leadership Consultant. He has acted as catalyst for capacity building, transformation, leadership and developments across Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In the immediate past Nigerian government administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, he was the Chief Technical Adviser for SURE-P and Coordinator of the President’s Technical Matters Unit. Prior to that, he was a Commissioner and Adviser in Tony Blair's administration in the United Kingdom, and was Director in the Cabinet Office’s Capacity-builders.

With substantive experience in productivity, turnaround and change, Dr. Olasode has delivered on major projects and programmes across the private sector, public sector and Government. He has also held a number of international business and government appointments and sits on the Board of international companies and public sector agencies.

Dr Olasode started his career in Lagos with a first degree (BSc), then trained with Ernst & Young in Nottingham and became a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) in the UK, obtained his MSc in London, followed by an MBA from Manchester. He later became as Associate of the UK Institute for Public Sector Managers (APSM), a UK Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA) and obtained his PhD in Business Transformation and Leadership from the USA. He is a disciplined man with utmost integrity, loyalty and passion for a better society.

Boards and Ministerial Appointments

Chief Technical Adviser, Technical Matters Unit and SURE-P
The Presidency, Federal Government of Nigeria [2012-2015]

Transformation Adviser on delivery of Social and Economic Wellbeing.

UK Commissioner and Chairman of Audit
Health and Social Care (CQC and CSCI) [2003-2012]
UK Regulator with budget of about $230 billion (circa N80 trillion)

covering health, social care and mental health services. CQC is one of the largest regulators in the World.

Chairman of Audit Committee and Non Executive Director
National Health Service, Bromley Primary Care Trust
With current budget of about £500 million (circa N2.4 billion) [2003-2008]

Chairman of the Board
SLFHA (Horizon/Amicus) Housing Association [2000 – 2005]

Top-13 UK Housing Association and one of the largest in London, now with about 28,000 housing units and assets of about $2 billion (circa N700 billion)

Chairman of Beacon's Performance Panel
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and DCLG

Also Chairman of Finance & Procurement Programme, Supporting New Business, Supported Housing, ICT and Social Inclusion

Improvement Analyst and Consultant Inspector
Audit Commission in England & Wales

Best value inspections of services and Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) on a wide range of Local, District and Unitary Authorities across England.

Executive Appointments

Group Managing Director
TL First Integrated Management Group UK
(Transformation Consultancy, Leadership Academy, Accountancy & Performance Audits) [2006-Date]

Chief Executive Officer and Transformation Director
SAVO CVS, London
Capacity Building and Infrastructure, UK [2005-2006]

Senior Director and Performance Adviser
London Voluntary Service Council
Capacity Building and Infrastructure, UK [2004-2005]

Chief Executive Officer and Turnaround Director
Penrose Housing and Healthcare, London
Housing, Care and Support, UK [2003-2004]

Improvement Analyst & Adviser
Audit Commission for England & Wales
Government's Auditors and Performance Evaluator, UK [2000-2003]

Lecturer in Advanced Management (part-time)
Open University Business School
Executive Development, UK [1999-2005]

Executive Director, Finance, IT, and Business Services
Mildmay Hospital Group
Healthcare, UK [1994-2000]

Finance Controller
Caxton House, London
Public Services, UK [1992-1994]

Investment & Funds Administrator
Charity Commission for England & Wales
Government Regulator, UK [1990-1992]

External Auditor
Ernst & Young Chartered Accountants
Accountancy, Consultancy and Audits, UK [1988-1990]

Accounts Supervisor
Grant Advertising Nigeria Ltd
Media and Communications, Nigeria [1981-1982]


Olu has written a number of materials that have been published in various journals across the world and has presented papers at various conferences and seminars.

  • Why do Visions Fail?
  • Changing Phases, Facing Changes
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Vision to Provision
  • Together for a brighter 'imaginative' future…
  • A New World Order; Economic and Social Development in Africa
  • The Change Masters; Navigating and Leading Change
  • Business Unusual; Thinking Out of the Box!
  • Transforming Public Services and Delivering Outcomes for People
  • Authority, Responsibility and Accountability
  • Economic Development in Sub Saharan Africa; Where is the Money?
  • Financial Reporting, Risk Management and Governance
  • Managing Toxicities in Workforce
  • Transformation Toolkit using the 3Ts
  • Measuring Outcomes and Impact of Strategic Decisions